Project Topic and Initial Bibliography

The topic that I am interested in pursuing for this project is what happened to the physical buildings of asylums during and following the period of deinstitutionalization. Were they abandoned, repurposed, torn down, etc? I am also curious as to how they were perceived within the community/wider public following that period and how understanding of these institutions may have impacted their fate and what sort of image they have currently by examining more contemporary discussions of former asylums in newspapers, etc. 

The digital project that I am considering is a more traditional blog post/essay format that would incorporate images showing what these buildings looked like at their “prime” prior to deinstitutionalization and what they look like now. I also think this would be a good opportunity to implement video clips; there were a number of longer videos that I encountered both from official sources connected to the institutions and groups responsible for them and from unconnected lay people exploring former asylums that could be interesting to include parts of to see the various reactions to these spaces. 


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